‘Gods Seven Laws of Increase’ Free Book

In God’s Seven Laws of Increase, Pastor/Evangelist Don Clowers tells how he came to understand the principle of sowing and reaping and describes the blessings of God that have followed. He lays out important principles that will help you do the same. Those in the US and Canada can request a FREE copy of this book for a limited time.


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  1. I have a mental disability and I believe God heals better than doctors try to make me believe pills will help me stop hearing voices. I seriously believe that I am having a spiritual war in my mind I don`t always feel like I can trust the voices but sometimes I feel like God is talking to me letting me know I must get baptized and also go to San Bernardino where I was born and tell people to stop baptizing babies now that I know it is wrong with the help of Jehovah`s witnesses but the problem is I can`t seem to do for myself and it is hard to trust and rely people to help me get what I need done accomplishing God`s will for me and encouraging others to do the same

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