Merci Chocolates Giveaway

* This giveaway has ended.

This is a great time of the year to share a meaningful “thank you” with someone, whether it’s that close friend who’s always there when you need her or a coworker who went out of his way to help you meet that deadline. I’d like to say “thank you” to all of my readers by giving away a FREE 8.8 oz. assortment of Merci chocolates to one lucky winner. I was given a box to enjoy so that I could tell you just how good these are: my favorites are the Dark Creme and the Hazelnut-Almond but they are all smooth and creamy and go great with a cup of coffee or on their own.


Just leave a comment saying who you would like to share a meaningful thank you with this season and you are entered to win. I will choose a winner on the morning of 12/17/12. Good luck and THANK YOU!!!



  1. Debbie Willard says

    I’d share them with my mom. She has been so supportive of me emotionally through the end of my multi-decade marriage. And I just appreciate her so much. And of course, what always makes any stressful situation better?!? CHOCOLATE!!!!

  2. says

    I’d like to share a meaninful thank you with my boyfriend. He works so hard at a job he can’t stand in order to support us, and he’s absolutely amazing.

  3. Stevie says

    I would share with my sister, to say thanks for sending me lots of funny videos and emails as I recovered from sinus surgery earlier this year.

  4. Lisa =P says

    This season I would like to thank my parents for paying for college. =P Thank you, FreebieBlogger!

  5. Tiffany says

    I would like to share the chocolate and a huge thank you to my mom because she’s always there for me no matter what.

  6. rachel b. says

    There’s an older gentleman that used to walk his dog in my neighborhood and by my home every morning. He was very punctual and I used to tease that although I didn’t know him, everyday he was my morning “alarm clock”.
    A few months ago, I missed seeing him. I grew concerned, but I was so happy to see him driving slowly through our neighborhood (with his dog hanging happily out the window:) a few days later.
    I would share this gift with him and see how he is doing, learn his name. I would let him know that I appreciate seeing him everyday, checking in on our neighborhood.

  7. Cate M says

    I’d like to thank my parents, who have been very supportive during the very stressful process of applying to graduate schools!

  8. Judy Hindenlang says

    I would share it with my daughter who is a teacher and has been spending some evening and weekends at school. She is such a dedicated teacher and they have had to cut back so much in our city schools. Thank you

  9. Georgia says

    I would like to share a meaningful thank you with my supportive family and friends who have always been there for me, and for making one of the toughest times in my life manageable.

  10. wichita witch says

    my thank you is to your blog which i check daily and free chocolate makes everything even better

  11. Vicky says

    I would share a meaningful thank you with my mom because she has supported me all throughout my schooling to become a nurse, and now I finally am!:)

  12. Lindsey Lewis says

    Thank you to my son, who has taught me not to err as my own mother, to share the good things my mother gave me, and to be a wonderful mom all on my own

  13. MacKenzie Rasile says

    I would love to say thank you to my very good friend, Carmelo. He has helped my family out in so many ways since May when we moved to the area. Including letting us stay at his apartment with him the first few days until we found a place of our own, as well as coming over everyday to feed and spend time with our cat, ManJack while we are out of town. He is a chocolate lovin’ fiend and I know he would love these. Thanks and Happy Holidays!

  14. says

    I would like to thank my immediate family for their support this year, we have all faced a difficult year, and lived to tell about it, plus everyone here loves chocolate!

  15. Nicole F says

    I would like to send a meaningful thank you to my mother. She has not only set her career aside to raise me, but she has devoted her time, supported me in every decision and aspiration (no matter how far-reaching), and paid for my college education all while surrounding me with love and care during hard times.

  16. Sarah says

    I will give my pile of freebie dog treats to a homeless lady who walks by all the time with her dog.

  17. Diana Hoover says

    I would like to share with my good friend and right hand man, Harry. Thanks for everything.

  18. Kat says

    I would share it with my second cousin, who loves chocolate. He gets up at 5AM, goes for a walk, reads the paper, does the grocery shopping, plays bridge, tidies the house, then cooks dinner. He’s 91 years old–old enough to be my great-grandfather–but you’d never know it. He’s like the Energizer Bunny. He lives on the West Coast and I’m on the East Coast, but we talk by phone once a week. He’s seen it all, lived through it all, yet remains upbeat and optimistic, though he’s certainly had and has his fair share of difficulties, including taking care of his wife who is ill. I’m thankful for the knowledge and wisdom he has shared, for his sense of humor, for all that I’ve learned from him, and for his thoughtfulness and love.

  19. says

    I’d like to share a meaningful ‘thank you’ to my mom, who has battled cancer twice over the past 2 1/2 yrs and still managed to help me through some difficult times. Thanks mom, I love you

  20. Annie says

    I would share them with my Mom, who works SOOOO hard for our single-income family, and supports me, even though I am dealing with an eating disorder.

  21. Lauren says

    I would love to share this with my sister, we’ve had a rough year almost losing our father and some chocolate would really lighten the mood, especially for the holidays!

  22. Marge Reeves says

    I would share them with my dear friend who lives 170 miles away from me, who has been my pal through thick and thin for most of my 75 years.

  23. Danielle says

    I would like to share a meaningful conversation with my Mother-in-law, she has done a lot of our family and I never truly told her how much I appreciate her.

  24. Nicole says

    I would like to share a meaningful thank you with my mother. I have three children under the age of three and she comes over to help with them everyday!

  25. EZ says

    would give a special thank you to our mailman who has been delivering all our freebies and samples this year!

  26. Ally says

    I would like to thank my mom, who has put up with me and let me live with her over the last several years during my illness while i’ve been sick and jobless when I would have had no one else to turn to. I know it hasn’t been easy on her and she has been nothing but supportive of me emotionally, physically, in every way possible. Without her I honestly don’t know where i’d even be living. She is the best!

  27. Kim ngoc says

    I would like to say a meaningful thank you to my husband who has been my rock during this rough year.

  28. says


  29. says

    My new team at work! I’ve never worked with a better group of people, and, with the holidays being our busiest time, would love to have a treat to share.

  30. Rebekah says

    My mother, who has been taking care of my infant son for the past 6 months after I went back to work, and who supports me in every way!

  31. Colleen says

    I would like to say merci to my husband. He has become a great husband and father, and puts the family first.

  32. says

    I would like to share a thank you with my daughter, Patricia, who has put up with my husband,brother and myself living with her and her family,and taking care of me for the past 6 months while I had chemotherapy.

  33. says

    I am very Thankful for my 4 Grandchildren, they bring so much joy to my life,and fill my heart with so much love, joy, and happiness, through out the year,

  34. Hope says

    i would like to say thank you to my mom, who is my best friend. she has been there for me through everything and i love her so much!

  35. Ashley Burton says

    I’m new to your website but I love it. Just as much as a love French and chocolate…
    I would like to say Merci beaucoup to my mother. She is my rock who gave me life. I continue to live life in joy because of her wonderful soul. I would love to spoil her with some chocolate for Christmas. I am a little slim with gifts this year due to finishing student teaching. Any little kind gesture would help! Merci

  36. Debbie Chioffe says

    I would share a meaningful thank-you with my sisters. They have helped me through a particularly rough patch in the past few months, and they have always been there for me my whole life. Sharing is caring!

  37. Jennifer says

    I’d like to thank my mom for always being there for me through everything that goes on in my life. She’s always ready and willing to help out where she can.

  38. says

    I would like to thank my wife she is untireing when it comes to me and my daughter she teaches school all day grades papers for 3 hours almost every night and still finds time for the house . I try to help as i can i work 14 hour days and dont have much time.She is my soulmate and the rock of my daughter and my world,we would be lost without her.all my love and a special THANKS to my better half.

  39. Amy says

    I would like to share a meaningful thank you with an older woman / now close friend from church who has gone out of her way to take me under their wing this year. She has been there for me through some really rough times this year (miscarriage, surgery, medical issues, now needing daily self-injections all while going through another 1st trimester and still caring for a toddler) and has really helped me to stay positive and focus on what is important in life. She is a gem and deserves all the chocolate in the world! :)

  40. Melanie R. says

    I would joyfully share these with my wonderful husband. I had emergency surgery on Sept. 26, then had a second surgery on Dec. 10 to complete some repairs connected to the first one. I haven’t been able to drive or do a lot of normal household chores for some time. He has cheerfully, lovingly, laughingly (b/c seriously, sometimes you HAVE to laugh!) and patiently cared for me and our son. We are looking forward to resuming a more normal life now but he has been amazing!!

  41. MaryAnn Shapiro says

    My heartfelt thank you would be to my 2 daughters who have grown into beautiful , successful , independent , young women and have helped my husband and I tremendously when we needed it most. We are truly blessed!